Beware Of Mafia

(Ditulis oleh Menur sebagai tugas sekolah dengan bahasa inggris yang belum sempurna).

Once upon a boy names Roxas. He was an orphan. And he was raised by Marlaxia and Alex. He was so happy, but one day later he was so scared and cried a lot, and “???” asked a question to Roxas “what is ypur name, kid?” Roxas answered “R… Roxas.” And the man was surprised. No doubt this kid Roxas. “Don’t worry we are you ally. My name is Misaka Mikoto” Mikoto answered. “Misaka? So you’re a girl. Sorry I thought that you’re a boy.”

“Now Roxas this city is in danger. Please come with us. Oh! And that Marloxia person is a mafia and Alex too.” Roxas was surprised that ks mom and had rr a mafia. But I don’t believe you!” Roxas was come back and killed by Marloxia. “Good bye Roxas. I’m sorry.” Misoka cried a lot but she think that Roxas is happy.


Jum’at, 7 Februari 2014


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